Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful Malaysian country side 马来西亚美丽的郊外景色

Beautiful Malay house 美丽的马来屋子

Monsoon brings rain almost everyday.

On Nov 6, Friday, me and my wife took a drive to Simpang Pertang farm, meeting up with Stephen and Anna, and Fr. Naden, our respected priest who rears ducks and chicken, generating income for Orang Asli ( Aborigines) mission works.

We took a slow drive, and video our journey "just for fun".

Along the way, we stopped by to take some pictures of beautiful Malay houses. A house owner invited me to enter her compound to pluck some Rambutans... it was Malaysian hospitality and generosity!

We also visited a young couple who have a handicapped son. We were helping them with physiotherapy at Hospital UKM in Kuala Lumpur.

We stayed overnight, and left for home on Saturday with Durians, coconuts and other fruits.

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十二月六日星期五,我与太太驱车到新邦葫芦顶一游,去探望金彪及年娇夫妇,还有那为受人尊重的纳登神父。他是在新邦葫芦顶的园庄里,养鸡鸭谋生及赚取利润,用在他毕生的工作 - 照顾原住民的牧灵工作。







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