Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baumkuchen 德国树蛋糕

德国蛋糕,配上本地蕃薯,加咖啡 Baumkuchen + sweet potato + coffee

One of our god-daughters sent us a Baumkuchen (Tree cake).

Basically it is same as the Indonesian layered cake albeit in circular shape. It tastes the same as the Indonesian one but minus spices.

我们的一位乾女儿送来了一个德国“树蛋糕” (Baumkuchen)。


Surprised gift from my computer class six learners ...(below, represented by two of them)
电脑班六位学生的惊喜礼篮。。(下图- 两位代表)

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