Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday @ Langkawi 浮罗交怡假期(2)

We have been to Langkawi many times, so island hopping was not in our itinery.

On the second and third day, we decided to scout around Langkawi Island, including few up-market hotels and food outlets.

Our German friends Gerd and Dorit, liked to stay in Casa Del Ma resort at Pantai Cenang. They have been coming back every two or three years to enjoy the sunshine of Langkawi and the hospitable and beautiful resort. 

We checked it out and found this villa resort was really comfortable and beautiful.

Gerd and Dorit are coming back to this resort again in 2014, and bringing along 10 friends this time around!

Another resort we went was Four Season Resort. It is situated at Pantai Rhu and also an upmarket resort catered mostly for foreign tourists.

My wife and I also took this opportunity to visit my Facebook friend Theresa Lai who has been living on this island for 21years. 

Our holiday ended on 18/12 and bringing home varieties of imported chocolates.

It was a relaxing and wonderful holiday.

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我们的德国朋友Gerd 及太太Dorit, 非常喜欢坐落在Cenang 海滩的Casa Del Ma 酒店。他们大约三两年就回来一次,通常都是两个星期,好好享受这里的阳光及这美丽酒店的优美环境及友善的服务。



另一个著名的酒店的Four Season Resort。这是受到国外游客喜爱的一家高档酒店,一间房一天需要将近马币三千元。

我们的假期在18/12 结束,带回了多种的入口巧格力。

这是一个心情放松, 有趣的假期。

(更多照片 Facebook)

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