Monday, September 15, 2014

Marrakesh (2) 马拉卡斯

We returned from Morocco via Amsterdam yesterday (13/9) and arrived at Aberdeen at about 10:00 pm (local time).

My backpack of clothing and shoes was short-landed (went missing). A report was made and hopefully, it would be found soon.

Thus concluded our 3260-Kilometres Moroccan adventure filled with excitement, surprises... and prayers. Praise the Lord! 

Car rental in Morocco is not expensive, but the terms and conditions are ridiculous especially the Excess clauses.

We rented a Peugeot 301 Diesel (local model) which was quite new and comfortable. Great appreciation to Elizabeth for her dextrous left-handed driving, and thanks and love to Mother Mary, who intercede for us a safe journey (I was praying constantly " O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who has recourse to thee" for safety on Moroccan roads).

Driving in Medina and town area can be a scarey experience, more so with pedestrians and motor-bit criss-crossing everywhere.

Now, I shall continue with my posting of our Moroccan adventure.

On the first day in Marrakesh, we visited the Medina (old walled city) with thousands of stalls and shops selling varieties of goods. However, all items are not labelled with price. The shop-keepers would open with an exorbitant price, and bargaining pursued.

According to visitors comments on social media and advice of local friends, it can be slashed by as much as 50-60 %, depending on your bargaining skill and length of time. It is a way of life in Morocco.

But it was not our cup of tea, so we bought nothing!

On the second day in Marrakesh, after the tour of the famous but notorious Medina, we went out  for an excursion of the Atlas mountains area.

Abdel's parents graciously joined us for the journey.

Abdel's parents were first generation migrants to France but still maintaining a Moroccan home at Bouznika, about 300 kms north of Marrakesh.  In recent years, they spend more time in Morocco attending to their farms and fruit orchards in Bouznika.

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我们 3,260公里,充满刺激、惊喜及很多祈祷的摩洛哥行程,也宣告结束。感谢赞美天主!




根据过来人的介绍,价钱可以“杀”低百分之五十至六十之间 。。。但需要技巧及时间。





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