Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Marrakesh (1) 马拉卡斯

It is our dream holiday of life!

On 31/8/2014 evening, we landed at Marrakesh airport at about 7:00pm.

Through the invitation of Abdel (Elizabeth's friend), we have the opportunity to visit Morocco, a North-Western African country with mystical stories and beautiful landscapes.

Marrakesh is our first destination of the journey.

The main attraction of Marrakesh is its Medina - an vast 700-hectre old walled city, which was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site (1985).

It is a maze of narrow streets and alleys full of shops, stalls, vendors, people, motorcycles and donkey-carts!

Our first day's itinerary was to visit the souks (markets) and historical places within the medina. It took us more than 8 hours (Inclusive 2 hours lunch time) of walking, covering a distance of about 10 kms just to see less than half of it.

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Abdel and his parents * Abdel 与他的父母



在我女儿的朋友Abdel 的邀请下,我们有机会到西北非洲的摩洛哥,一个充满神秘故事及美丽风景的国家。


马拉卡斯的首要游客的景点是它的围墙旧城区 (Medina)。这个700公顷的古老城区在1985年,被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产地点。





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