Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bye Bye Africa 再见非洲

Morocco journey was a physical and mental challenging one.

All of us, despite eating well, lost weight. I lost almost 7 kilograms in 2 weeks.

However, the experience was life-long and memorable.

If there is a single reason for us to go back to Morocco, it is the loving and caring Papa and Mama (Adel's parents). It was Moroccan hospitality and love at it best.

Great appreciation and gratefulness to Abdel in making our African journey came true. Regrettfully, due to his work obligation as an oil rig engineer/project Manager, he was not able to join us in the Sahara leg.

After Sahara, we visited Tangier, the northern most city of Morocco. It was a modern city with eight-lane boulevards and modern buildings.

It takes 45 minutes of ferry from Gibraltar to Tangier.

We returned to Bouznika for a night stay after Tangier.

Indeed it was a sad goodbye for us when we bid farewell to Abdel's parent for Marrakesh, from where we flew back to Aberdeen on 13/9.  Amen.

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我们虽然三餐都吃得很好,但每个人都消瘦了。我本身就在折 14天里,体重减轻了7公斤!

假如给一个原因我们会再到回摩洛哥,那应该是Abdel 的父母。


谢谢Abdel, 让我们梦想成真,能够踏足非洲。可惜的是,身为钻油台的工程师/工程经理,他不能与我们共游沙哈拉。


从坦几亚,我们回到波斯妮卡,住了一晚,然后向Abdel 的父母告别,大家都依依不舍的说再见!



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