Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bouznika 布斯妮卡

The Moroccan Hospitality

On 4/9, we arrived at Abdel's house in Bouznika. It would served as a base and home away from home for the next 8 days.

It is a 4-storey shop-cum-house with typical Moroccan decoration, and very comfortable.

Upon arrival, Abdel's mother, despite a six hours journey from Essaouira, cooked us a delicious meal of Moroccan Couscous.

It was the best authentic Moroccan Couscous ever tasted ...

Mama is a very good cook. For the next few days, we would enjoyed more Moroccan home-cook meals. (She treated us all like her children, so we fondly referred her as our Mama)

Our returned journey of 4 hours from Essaouira was delayed due to road diversion. A section of express way was closed for 2 weeks for the filming of Mission: Impossible 5.

Later in the evening, we visited Abdel's parents farm and vineyard.

The juicy grapes making all of us " uh..ah.."!

(Pictures in Facebook)


4/9, 我们来到了Abdel 在 Bouznika 的家。这里将是我们往后8天的基地,也是我们第二个家。


Abedel 的妈妈,虽然经过6个小时的车程,但很快的为我们准备了一顿美味的摩洛哥Couscous (库斯饭)。


Abdel 的母亲对我们好像是她的孩子般,所以我们也亲切的叫她妈妈。妈妈是个厨艺高手,往后的日子,我们会尝到更多美味的摩洛哥食物。

傍晚,我们到Abdel父母的农场/果园 参观。



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