Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tiring journey 疲劳的路程

I left my office today at 4:30 pm. and arrived home exactly two hours later at 6:30 pm. For a journey of 55 kms, the averaged speed is 27.5 km/hr!

Since the beginning of Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) about a week ago, the evening traffic was heavy due to slightly early closing of government offices.

The situation was made worse due to many selfish and reckless drivers. Every one seemed to be rushing...rushing... for what??!

The selfish blue Kancil driver ... a nuisance to other road users
自私的蓝色小轿车 。。。令人厌恶

今天傍晚,我在四点半就离开办公室,花了两个小时,在六点半才到家。这段55 公里的路程,平均时速是 27.5 公里!


路上有许多鲁莽及自私的司机,使得交通情况更糟。 每个人都好像在赶路般的。。。赶什么??!


queen_of_bee said...

rush back to bazaar ramadan!

Anonymous said...


Simon Phun said...

cannot beat them, join them ! Makan ajalah.