Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old friend 老朋友

This morning I went to Batu Caves to visit my old friend Richard Low for a little catching up.

He was a navy retiree and is now working for his brother-in-law's hardware whole sale company as a logistic supervisor.

Our friendship dates back to almost 30 years ago.

Richard, 63, attend the Tabanacle Church at Desa Melawati Kuala Lumpur which was burnt down by some fanatics in January 2010. Two culprits were sentenced by court to 5 years jail a week ago.

After the incident, their new church in Batu Caves was immediately approved by the government and received RM 500,000.00 from the Prime Minister as a goodwill gesture. CIMB financial group also donated RM 100,000.00.

Talking about blessing in disguise!

今天早上,我到黑风洞(Batu Caves)去探访老朋友老刘 Richard Low 谈谈天。






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