Thursday, August 26, 2010

St. Theresa Church, Nilai 汝来圣特肋莎教堂

Today took off to Nilai to visit Fr. Raymond Pereira at the St. Theresa Church.

The church was previously a chapel under the jurisdiction of Seremban parish. Two months ago, it was upgraded to a parish and Fr. Raymond, who has just completed his study in Manila, was appointed the first parish priest.

St. Theresa Church would be celebrating its 75th Diamond Jubilee in October 2010 with a Triduum from 1st to 3rd Oct and grand dinner (subscription) at a famous restaurant in Nilai on Oct 30th.

All are invited.

I went to Nilai by North-South highway. I made a detour after Nilai toll to Nilai 3, the wholesales township.

It is a sprawling township with industrial area, housing area and commercial district. The wholesales district is famous throughout the country for its furnishing material supplies, bridal accessories and textiles. It is very popular among the Malay communities.

I was told that on weekends, buses and buses load of buyers, traveling from as far as Johor, Penang and Kedah, come to Nilai 3 to do their shopping.

Fr. Raymond and Tony Chai, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, took me to a coffee shop for lunch. Fr. Raymond recommended the famous Pan Mee for me. It's good! (More pics in Facebook)

Second from left: Fr. Raymond, Tony Chia and George

今天我到汝来(Nilai)拜访圣特肋莎堂的彭睿明神父(Fr.Raymond Pereira)。




我取道南北高速公路去汝来。在收费站过后,顺道去汝来3 (Nilai 3)看看。这是一个非常大的市镇,里面有工业区,住宅区及批发市场商业区。


神父及堂区议会主席东尼,带我到附近的咖啡店吃午餐。神父特别介绍这里的板面给我,确实是不错。 (更多面子书照片)

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