Monday, August 30, 2010

Nah 呐

I did not pay much attention to the latest video uploaded by Wee Meng Chee , more famously a.k.a Namewee. He kicked up a storm in 2007 by rapping the national anthem in a Youtube video.

Tonight's evening news saw quite a good coverage by the TV stations. He made this new video in response to the latest incidents of twp racist headmasters telling the Chinese students to " Chinese go back to China".

The video issue was played up by Utusan Malaysia, the mouthpiece of UMNO, supported by many politicians and ministers.

Out of curiosity, I checked it out in the Youtube.... Nah.呐..!

Not big deal. It is just a young man letting off his frustration and anger in response to the situation of the country.

This is the sign of time and the thinking (mind) of the young generation. Whoever are so stupid just to label him as "racist", "disturb the harmony".... then they themselves are the actual racists and disturbing the harmony of the country. (Utusan Malaysia is the racial shit stirrer)

It is wise to listen to their voice than just using force to silent them.

The video is a little bit vulgar ... to us older generation, but it is the way of the young generation expressing their feelings and sending out messages. This is the voice and image of the young generation... they want to be heard!

I pray that Namewee would not be the sacrificial lamb of the racists and politicians, who wanted his head for their own gains.


今晚的电视新闻,看到电视台广泛的报道。他的最新短片,是反应最近一间中学的校长,叫华人学生“回中国去” 后,而创作的。

这短片事件,受到巫统的喉舌【马来西亚先锋报】广泛的报道及煽动,还有一些部长及政治人物的的评论,好像有扩大到迹象。(【马来西亚先锋报】是种族课题的搅 屎棍)

为了好奇,我就上网去看了这短片 Nah。。呐!






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