Thursday, August 12, 2010

Corrupted system 腐败的系统

I come from new village.

Chor Chee Heung, Housing and Local Government Minister said on Tuesday Aug 11 that, effective next year, any request of government fund from new villages for infra-structure development must bear the signatures of 1) village head, 2) New village development officer, and 3) Head of MCA division.

The fact is:

1) To be a village head, one must be a member of MCA or Gerakan, the coalition partners of ruling National Front federal government.

2) New village development officer is a political appointment, needless to say, given to members of MCA or Gerakan.

It simply means that all fund must be channeled through the MCA.

MCA has been holding the porfolio of the Ministry of Housing and Local government for a long long time, and Chinese new villages are under its purview. New villages are the last bastion of MCA political power. The villages have been subjected to MCA's abuse and misuse for the past 53 years (since independence).

The move received protest from its own coalition partner Gerakan. MCA is going backwards and applying its same old tactics of blackmail and dirty tricks to perpetual their control of the villages and villagers. It is in syn with its big brother UMNO where party divisional heads' signatures ensure smooth passage of getting funds, contracts and positions... It is a corrupted practice of power and money political system.


房屋及地方政府部长曹智雄,在星期二说,从明年开始,所有的新村向政府申请基本建设经费的表格,必须有三个人的签名: 1)村长, 2)新村发展官及3)马华区部主席。


1) 村长都是马华或民政党党员(执政的国民阵线成员党)。






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