Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blood sucking red

Then ... Everyone loves AirAsia because it makes "everyone can fly" !

Now... Everyone hates Air Asia because it resembles a blood sucking airline Vempire!

It sets everyone free to fly ... soars to the sky ... but stealthily it puts many blood sucking parasites into every "hooked on cheap fare passenger".

It is called business strategy ... smart strategy that won AirAsia the best low cost airline in the world. AirAsia is no more a low cost airline but an empire.

Recently I have a run in with AirAsia and discovered some of the latest parasites:

1. RM 10.00 convenient fee for using credit card to pay. It is called convenience fee!

2. When you call AirAsia help line ( Premium Customer Service Line) , you are charged RM 1.95 per minute. By just following the instruction, (press x for English... press y for....; for xxa, press xxx, for xxb, press xxy, for yxx, press xyx...) your call in no time chalk up RM10.00 and yet not even near to speak to a human being....

3. You can send email to Airasia and expect a reply.... in your next life!

AirAsia is no longer a low cost (cheap) airline, but we the passengers are ... being treated by AirAsia low and cheap!

But the reality is: you cannot leave home without AirAsia!

For more information, please visit Fly AirAsia? not me... ( not my viewpoint)

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