Saturday, August 28, 2010

Social mission 社交使命

Attending dinner (wedding/birthday) is a .?.!.!.. thing.

Guests, tea pot, candle, bowls, plates and spoons are united in one mission : waiting for the food.

So while waiting, water, soft drinks, wine, liquor and tea come out to entertain..... for the next 3 to 4 hours.

Tonight another "mission" accomplished in Kajang -- 4 1/2 hours spent.

参加宴会(结婚/生日)是个 ..?..!..! 的事情。

客人,茶壶,蜡烛,碗碟,汤匙等都团结一致的 -- 等待食物。

所以在等待中,水,酒,汽水,及茶就出场来娱乐 。。。为时三到四个小时。

今晚又一个使命在加影完成了 - 总共是 四个半小时。

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