Sunday, August 15, 2010

Refreshed and recharged 充实及充电

Refreshed and recharged.

Although we had close to hundred participants, the noise was kept to the minimum. After all, silence came from within, not without.

The surrounding and climate of the hill at Peace Haven was conducive for silent retreat. I was very relaxed and comfortable. I was able to focus on the sole purpose of the retreat - be still and be with God.

I did not feel G0d's coming in a wind, but the cold breeze of Genting Highlands was so refreshing I cried inside me: "God, move me!".

Retreat Master Rev. Fr. Lawrence said Peace Haven was the nearest place to God in Kuala Lumpur. Looking up, I saw Genting Highlands Resort, the eternal entertainment city; looking down, I saw Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, the bustling metropolitan where I came from.

In Peace Haven, God is breathing at you. (more pictures in FACEBOOK)



云顶高原的环境及气候,非常适合静默的退省。我感觉到非常的放松及舒服,虽然如惯常的,陌生的床使我彻夜难眠。无论如何,我还是能够专注在这次避静的目的 - 静下来与天主相处。


避静神师大华神父说,和平苑(Peace Haven 或者译为平安苑)是吉隆坡最靠近天主的地方。我往上看,那是云顶娱乐城,不夜的乐园;往下看,那是巴生谷及吉隆坡,一个繁华的大都会,我就是从那里来的。

在Peace Haven 和平苑,你可以感觉到天主的呼吸。


Anonymous said...

How can i book the retreat center? Our Chinese choir wanted to spend a holiday near Genting. Pls advice. John Choo

Simon Phun said...

Peacehaven is more for retreat and spiritual activities. You can acces its website:

Anonymous said...

thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Saw your very inspiring photos especially those with the cloud, I like them very much and already saved a few as my desktop wallpaper. Sorry ah, no charge ah ,as good things are meant to share :o)

No wonder this place is called peace haven,the sky and the cloud give a message - BE STILL AND KNOW I'M THERE WITH U ! How I wish one day i can do my retreat there.

Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day ! ~li fen~

Simon Phun said...

Thank you everyone...the place is really nice..thanks to Full Gospel Assembly church for opening up the facilities to all of us.

It was my second trip up there.