Monday, August 9, 2010

Old friend came calling 有朋来访

Ah Hui is my old friend of more than 30 years. When I moved to Kajang 30 years ago, he drove lorry to help me.

He is staying in Lukut, near Port Dickson and owns a company dealing in diesel and fuel oil.

Today, he, his wife and youngest son John dropped by for a visit. They have 3 more girls.

They visit us whenever we are home during Christmas and Chinese New year. We used to give John, being the youngest, chocolate and sweets as Christmas present.

One Christmas, we realised that he was no longer a small boy... so no more chocolate and ... no more present! He is now the Assistant to the CEO (his father).

We had dinner at a famous hot & spicy soup restaurant. Other dishes were Fa Diu wine chicken, steamed fish, pork with salted fish and vegetable.

Later got them the famous Kajang Southern Bank Big Pao to bring home.




他们在圣诞节及农历新年,都会来拜访我们。我们通常都会给John 巧格力作为圣诞礼物。某一年,我们意识到他不再是个小孩,就停止给他巧格力。。从此以后,也没礼物了。他现在是总裁CEO(父亲)的助理。


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