Saturday, August 1, 2009

Radio talk 电台的话

It was about 11:45 am, I was driving and listening to Mandarin radio station 988 (My FM).

It was a talk show with invited guest hosted by a male DJ. The DJ was reporting on the traffic condition in major roads and highway... many roads were jammed due to the Police road blocks set up in the city. In Mandarin, traffic jam is called "du che" (堵车). At the end of the report, DJ was sighing:... every where also "du che...du che" (jam..jam.).

Then the invited guest interjecting : du che..du che...never mind, but please do not "du lan"...!! (a vulgar term)

I couldn't believe it!

Then I listened further, the invited guest must be a highly learned and educated person. He was talking about virtues, culture, good taste of life ... the names of Confucian, Menze, Goathe....were mentioned practically after every other sentences.

Bad taste!

I switched off the radio to "du"(block) his mouth.

今天早上,约十一时四十五分,我正在驾车,听着电台988 (My FM) 的广播。


突然那位嘉宾加上一句:堵车。。堵车还好,千万不要“堵懒” (这是一句臭话)。





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