Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fund raising 筹款活动

Everfit Yoga Studio headed by Lily Teoh, conducted a charity workshop today from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, to raise fund for Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT), a non-partisan humanitarian society to help the disaster relief works in Myanmar, especially the victims of Cyclone Nargis.

The workshop includes Vinyasa Flow Yoga and injuries prevention talk by a physiotherapist. Six members presented belly dances making this occasion extra joyful and lively (see video Belly dance for a good cause).

More than 70 members, paying RM50.00 each, participated in this project.

Exercise safely

张莉莉女士领导的Everfit Yoga Studio 在今天早上主办了一个慈善筹款工作坊,为阿南达马佳赈灾队筹款,救济缅甸风灾的难民。

工作坊的活动有呼吸调节瑜伽和由一位物理治疗师主持的防止受伤讲座。六位学员呈献了肚皮舞,使得这个活动更添加轻松和喜乐 (观赏录影)

约有七十位学员,每人付费RM50.00, 参加这个工作坊。


Anonymous said...

Oh betul betul up loaded our video clip into your blog huh, thought you simply said said only.... :)

Elaine said...

ooopsss...the Anonymous is ME - Elaine ya..... i tersilap tekan.... too fast jor...pai seh pai seh....

Simon Phun said...

Good cause my spread, good thing must share, good show must see :D

Good show good show!

queen_of_bee said...

sharing is caring :P

Anonymous said...

Not bad dancing. 不过场地里怎么不见男生?被禁的吗?



Simon Phun said...


马来同胞全身都包了,只有眼睛外露,所以只能够用眼睛来跳"眼皮舞“了。。。 一时之间,眉来眼去。。:D