Sunday, August 16, 2009

New taxi fare 新的士收费

Last Friday, I sent my car for brake servicing, so I took a taxi to attend the funeral service of Mdm Teresa, Fr. Lucas' mother.

When I boarded the taxi, the driver (pic) asked me whether I can pay him extra RM1.00 for the trip. He said his meter has not been calibrated to the new rate which took effect on 1st August 2009.

I said no problem.

He told me that he spent 3 days queuing up at the meter supplier for meter calibration but to no avail. He was given an appointment to come back on 28th Aug to do so.

He complained that he has to pay RM70.00 for the calibration and RM 40.00 to Puspakom for certification.

He said the way government doing thing has not been changed - giving opportunity to interest-group to make more money.





他投诉需要付七十元调整费,然后还需到 Puspakom (电脑检验)验证,另需付费四十元。

他说政府的做事方式还是没有改变 - 给机会利益集团赚更多的钱。

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