Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Luck Ong 翁总好运

MCA President, a.k.a lone ranger, Ong Tee Kiat describing himself under seize from all sides.

Internally, he is facing the mounting challenge of his deputy Chua Soi Lek. Outside he finds himself in the quagmire of Port Kelang Free Zone scandal. Few days ago, Kuala Dimensi CEO Tiong Keng Sing publicly alleged that he has given a loan RM 10 millions to Ong Tee Kiat. Looks like Ong is in deep shit.

He is not only under seize, he also hears the battle cries of his enemies " I want your scalp... I want your scalp..". Among voices are his own party leaders, Tiong Keng Sing and Lim Kit Siang too.

Poor Ong, until today, not a single BN component parties leader stand up for him*.

The only option - turn to his own people. He called a special briefing session on Free Zone scandal and RM10 million loan yesterday to ask for support within his own party.

He was not disappointed. More than 1000 leaders and members rallied behind him singing loudly: " We fully support you... we fully support you..."

He can heaped a sign of relief .... for the time being.

Putting issues aside, I respect and admire Ong's courage in pursuing relentlessly a possible fraud by some famous and powerful politicians and businessmen, all from Barisan National.

I sincerely wish him good luck.

马华总会长 、又称独行侠的翁诗杰(翁总)形容自己正受到“十面埋伏”。


他不只受到十面埋伏,还听到四面楚歌 。。“ 我要你的头颅。。。我要你的头颅。。。” 声音最亮的除了一些自己人外,还有张庆信,林吉祥等。


在无他选择下,他马上召集了整千名马华亲信及自己人支持者,到马华总部作汇报。幸好事情如他所料,大家都一起唱 “翁总,我们支持你。。。翁总,我们支持你。。”.




*UMNO Johor Baru MP Shahrir today praised Ong's effort on expose'.

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