Monday, August 31, 2009

Syndicated beggars 集团乞丐

Today afternoon, I stopped at a traffic light in one of the main street of Kajang. A Chinese "beggar" was asking for money from the drivers. He was about 60ish, stout and tanned.

At the next junction when I stopped my car for another red light, I saw another "beggar" about the same age as the previous one and looked stout too, asking for money from drivers.

Both were holding same type of walking sticks and sling begs! Physically, they looked stronger than me.

I refused to give them anything. I am quite sure they are "syndicated beggars" or "professional beggars" - beggars deployed by a syndicate to make money.

May be there are one at every junction.




我拒绝给他们钱。我很肯定他们是“集团乞丐” 或“专业乞丐” - 他们是由一个集团指挥,为他们赚钱的。


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