Thursday, September 3, 2009

Herbal oil 药草油

I had quite a cut on my finger while repairing a pump at the factory. No fear, I have "Double Prawn" herbal oil!

When arrived home, I applied the oil and the wound dry up after a few hours。 No swelling, no pain, no reddish skin. The wound is clean and neat, should be healed in five days.

This is my father-in-law's favourite oil. Any thing, use "heh piao" (prawn brand).

It is produced in Singapore and is very effective for cut, burn, infection and pain.

Do you agree this "medicine advertisement" is better than talking about MCA power struggle?

我在工厂修理一个泵的时候,手指被割到,伤口相当的大。但无需害怕,因为我有 “双虾标” 药草油。


这是我岳父最喜欢用的药油。任何事情,用 “虾标” 油。

这个油是新加坡的出品,对刀割伤,烧 、烫伤,发炎及疼痛,非常有效。


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溪水信女 said...

Yeah!!!! My dear father's favorite too, hehas been using it for years......on anything, bites, cuts, wounds, knocks......but when it is poured on raw wound, we screamed to death too, of course the effect is also very good lah, as you said!