Friday, September 4, 2009

Food again! 又是吃

Julie and Gaelle insisted buying us dinner, so we went to "Old Man Restaurant" (open air ) near the market place.

We ordered fish, scrambled egg, lala ( mussel), Fa Dio (Chinese wine) chicken,vege and curry meat.

Looking at the picture, you should know we were very hungry!

Thanks girls for the delicious dinner.

(See their previous eating posting)

女儿的两位法国朋友坚持要请我们吃晚餐。傍晚我们到巴刹旁的 “老人餐馆” (大排档)用餐。

我们叫了鱼 、芙蓉蛋 、剌剌 、花雕鸡 、咖里肉及青菜。




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