Saturday, September 5, 2009

French dinning 法国晚餐

Gaelle (left) and Julie (right) are leaving for home tomorrow. It has been almost a month since they left home for this holidays.

Being the last night, they prepared a French dinner for us, thoughtfully, with authentic ingredients brought from home, including white wine, cheese and crozets.

They spent a few hours in the kitchen preparing this special dinner (above pics).

And we enjoyed very much, especially me, I loved it!


Bon appetit

main course
- Croziffette

两位法国朋友Gaelle (上左图)和 Julie (上右图)将在明天回家。她们这趟到亚洲的旅游,使到她们离家也将近一个月了。

今晚,她们特地为我们准备了一个法国式晚餐。她们也非常周到的,预先从家乡带来了原味的材料,包括白酒,芝士及主料 corzets。



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