Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Cai Tao Kuih 最美味的菜头粿

Elizabeth's friend Lynette, who is working in Australia, back from home for holiday. They met up this afternoon.

We went for the best Cai Tao Kuih in Kajang in the evening.

My family had been frequenting this stall for more than 15 years, since its opening. It is a small road side stall by the side of a temple, operatied by a couple.

As they are getting older, we are afraid that should they retire, we will not have such tasty “ Cai Tao Kuih” anymore!

小女儿淑倾在澳洲工作的朋友 Lynette, 正好回来度假,今天下午他们碰面。

在傍晚,我们去吃加影最美味的“ 菜头粿 ”。



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