Monday, August 10, 2009

Through the eyes 眼睛看到的

Malaysia is a multicultural, multiracial and multireligious country. We are famed as a country of diversity.

So we have diversity of opinions and views too.

In Malaysia, sometimes, when a rape case happens, there are shouts of "women should not wear sexy dresses"; "women must cover so not to arouse man's animal instinct ".

The victims remain victims of rape and victims of blame, culprits are victors. This is an acceptable views in a certain sector of our society.

When the word "Allah" is used in Christian worship, certain groups are of the opinion that the word "Allah" is an exclusive word used by Muslim only, more so, it is feared that Muslims would be converted.

The government imposed a ban, thus taking away the right of others.

Recently, PAS, a coalition partner in Selangor Pakatan Rakyat state government calling for a ban on sales of alcohol in the state. Muslim is forbidden to consume alcohol.

Alcohol existed thousands of years. Alcohol if consumed moderately (correctly) is good for health. Red wine is good for the heart; Yomeisu is good for health .... D.O.M is good after childbirth. Beer is a healthy alcoholic beverage.

What about the right of others?

Out of sigh, out of mind? No display, no desire. Ostrich mentality.

Or as long as they do not see, their weak "hearts" are safe!

So it is correct to say that corruption, even though is the biggest scourge of the country, but transactions are done under table, in secret, in disguise.... so see no evil, no banning "order" because everything seems alright !

So it is also correct for me to say that the easiest solution is .... dislodge the eyes, so see nothing, no temptation, no sin!

After all, they only see bad things on others, not themselves and within themselves ... they have eyes but cannot see... so what is the use of eyes?!

Malaysia is a land of diversity. I have my view too.




当基督徒作礼拜时,不能用“Allah" 这个字眼,因为有一部分人认为这是回教徒专用的,而且可能会使到回教徒改教。








那我也真确的说,最容易解决的方法是 -- 这些人把眼睛挖出来,看不到,没有诱感,没罪恶,一切都是洁净的。




taipoh said...

brother, u r right! i sokong u. alex

Simon Phun said...

Thanks Taipoh. Sometimes, the hearts are not good, so these people see no good things through their eyes...