Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thief or actor 贼或扮贼

For the past few days, all local Chinese press was busy reporting a thief from Hong Kong entering Malaysia. The media trying very hard to spot the thief, camped day and night at the possible hideout of the thief but to no avail. The thief was very cleaver to hide.

The thief was not wanted by Interpol nor FBI or the local police. In fact he is not a thief at all but acting like a thief....ha! got such thing?

Yes got such thing. I called it "sui yong" (degrading behaviour). Moreover, he is a very famous actor.

The thief (or rather the actor who acted as a thief) was not coming to Malaysia to steal but to attend the funeral of his father-in-law.

So why he needed to hide?

Because the so called father-in-law of the thief was not supposed to be his father-in-law because he was not married.... or not suppose to have a wife... so not supposed to have a father-in-law lah....

I heard the thief was having same name as Hong Kong superstar Andy Law.... but Andy Law has never said that he was married or he has a father-in-law...

So he was not Andy Law? He must be a thief !

Only thief would hide his face when attending father-in-law's funeral! Pitiful.



有的。我称他为 “衰样”(作贱自己的行为),而且他还是一位非常出名的演员呢!







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Andy the THIEF said...

Good story.... pleasure to read!