Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disgusting 反胃

Who are they? 他们是谁?

Perak Mentri Besar Nizar's jubilation on 11/5/09 after the High Court declared he is the legitimate Metri Besar (MB) was shortlived.

While he resumed his duty on 12/5/09 morning, the BN government lodged an appeal and a stay of execution at the Courts of Appeal in Putra Jaya about the same time.

The appeal received special treatment and was heard almost immediately. At 1:00 pm, the court granted bogus MB Zambry stay of execution and ordered Nizar to vacate office immediately, 19 hours after High Court declared him the legitimate MB.

Nizar and his Excos vacated their office at 2:30 pm.

Wow, speedy justice....

Next day, 13/5/09, Nizar's council lodged an appeal to the same court in the afternoon to repeal the stay of execution order. He received no favour ... in fact, cold shoulder he got. No date or time to hear his appeal was given.

At 5:00 pm, Nizar was informed that the case would only be heard on Monday, 18/5/09.

Double standard.

Meanwhile, bogus MB Zambry likened his " in office, out office, in office" as a great struggle and sacrifices comparable to Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Mahatma Ghandi of India..... my goossshhh.... I wanted to puiiiikkkkk........... ahhhh.....

(The only similarity .... his face is as thick as Mandela's autobiography....Long Road to Freedom.)

PM Najib, ......... Zambry and his Perak goons are the greats comparable to Nelson Mandela, Ghandi..... who are you then ?!!?

Whoever you are, please don't hide behind the Sultan ... or rather don't use Sultan's name by saying repeatedly: " is up to the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly.....".

Be yourself !

Long Road To Freedom 漫长自由之路

霹雳州务大臣尼查在 11/5/09 得知吉隆坡高等法庭裁决他是合法大臣之后,神采飞扬,高兴极了,但都是短暂的 。

隔天 12/5/09早上, 他回到州秘书署开始工作。也在此同时,国阵及总检察长向上诉庭提出上诉,并要求暂停实行高庭的判决。




第二天,13/5/09 下午二时,尼查的律师团也向上诉庭上诉,要求暂延实行昨天的暂延令。但尼查的申请没有受到特别的处理,其实是没受到处理,因为没高手什么时候会审讯。

到了下午五时,尼查才被通知,他们的申请,将在星期一 18/5/09 开审。


在此同时,假大臣赞比礼把他的“斗争”及“牺牲” 和南非的曼得拉反种族主义,印度的甘地的和平运动相提并论,如此般的伟大。。。啊。。。我要吐了。。。。哎。。。。岂有此理。。吐吐吐。。。

(相似之处,我只能说,他的脸皮,好像曼德拉自传 【漫长自由之路】一样厚而已 。。)

首相纳吉 。。。赞比礼把自己提升到如圣雄甘地 。。。曼德拉。。那你是谁呢?



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