Monday, April 27, 2009

I can only pray 我只能祈祷

It is midnight. I am thinking of the young girl (33 years old) in Tung Shin hospital who is undergoing cancer treatment. I visited her this afternoon.

I am thinking also of her mother by her bed side 24 hours a day.

They are from outstation. The girl is at the fourth stage of cancer, and has already spread to bones and spinal cord. She is under radiotherapy - today is the fifth day of the ten days treatment. Her face is puffy.

She is too painful to move or get up from bed. Fluids accumulated in her lungs, so drainage tube is inserted through her back to drain out the water. Not a good sign.

But she is courageous, optimistic. She maintains smiling face always. She hopes to get better after the radiotherapy.... can walk at least. But doctor may recommend chemotherapy immediately after this radiotherapy. Is she able to withstand such drastic treatment?

I am thinking of the mother too. What is in her mind? how is her feeling? Looking at her own flesh and blood in pain and in suffering, bed-ridden?

Being a father myself, I feel for them, it is piercing pain in my heart.

I have seen enough of cases to know the outcome of the treatment ... more is not necessary good. But what can I do to help?!?

I think of our heavenly Mother...five decades of Roasay may make me feeling better......

Mother Mary, pray with me, for the young girl and her mother... do something, anything .......

Merciful Father, may you hear our prayer, grant her peace, hope and strong faith.



她们是 外地人。那个女孩已是第四期的癌症,癌细胞也已散布到全身及脊骨。她目前正在接受电疗,今天是十天疗程的第五天了,看起来,她还好,只是脸已经有点浮肿了。










溪水信女 said...

Uncle Simon,
Thank you very much for visiting her!
She is very courageous!
Let us pray that she does not suffer so much pain, reading your post remind me of something that i promised her and the mother that i have not done yet......

Simon Phun said...

Let us continue to pray for them...Lord have mercy.

Janice said...


Simon Phun said...

是的,Janice, 只有信靠天主,他必会给予指引和照顾。。。