Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loan sharks' private jail 大耳窿私人监狱

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This posting is specially for my oversea visitors.

They were no terrorists or mentally deranged human being.

They were the prisoners of loan shark, a.k.a Ah Long, in Malaysia, yes, it happened in Malaysia.

The loan sharks set up their own "private jail" to hold borrowers defaulted on their payments.

One of the "prisoners" who was set free after the family settled the loan, informed the police of such jail.

Prime Minister Najib expressed shock with the media report and ordered the relevant authority to take swift action against the culprits.

The Prime Minister said he could not believe how inhumane some Ah Longs could be against those who fail to settle their debts.

A supervisor and two runners of the syndicate were arrested. So far, no big fish was being arrested.

Police were now zeroing in on loan shark syndicates in the area. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar said the police would not show any mercy to loan sharks who hurt people.

It sounded familiar. The Police was saying the same thing many years ago when loan sharks started splashing paints to houses and burning houses of loan defaulters. If Police stayed true to its words, the loan sharks would not be so bold today as to set up private jail.

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