Friday, May 29, 2009

Life well lived 活得有深度

Attended Christopher Lim Beng's funeral Mass this morning at 10:00 am. The 100 year-old Church of the Holy Rosary was almost full with six priests con-celebrated the Mass.

Attending funeral not only an act of respect and offer prayer to the deceased, show of support to the bereaved family, it is also time to look at life, my life.

I remembered Sr. Theresa Chew mentioned recently in a forum a sign found in the Church of Bones: "who you are, we were, who we were, you will".

Yes, at the funeral, I am looking at the deceased whom I will be in future. The life of the deceased is a mirror for me, an example for me, a legacy I can learn and cherish.

Christopher Lim Beng, a property developer, left behind a legacy as a humble, simple and hard-working man with an un-wavering faith.

To the family, he was a hard-working and responsible father. A life well-lived with depth.

To the youth movements whom he has been involved since his youth, he was the pillar of strength. He never failed to give support, financial and moral, to all youth activities.

To the community, he was a generous benefactor and a man of faith.

To me, he was a man of few words, generous, humble, simple and a trustworthy comrade. He will shy away from the front row, but you can always count on him to be at the back seat to lend his support.

As I told his son while paying last respect: " we are proud of your father."

Dear Bro Christopher, may your soul rest in the peace of the Lord. We will remember you always!


参加安所(殡葬)弥撒,不只是对亡者的尊重,悼念及祈祷,对亡者家人的支持,但也是看看个人的生活 - 我的生活的时候。



林明兄是一位发展商,他遗留下给我们的是一个谦虚 、朴素 、勤奋的传奇生活,一个坚强的信德。

对他的家人来说,他是一位尽职 、勤劳的父亲。他活出了一个有深度的生命。






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