Saturday, May 30, 2009

FTZ scandal 自由贸易区丑闻

The reports on the Port Kelang Free Trade Zone scandal is the hot topic of the week, not the Penanti state by-election. The reports revealed improper dealings, malpractices and conspiracy. It implicated a few politicians and businessmen.

I can only use some Chinese language terms to describe this affair : "snakes and rodents conspiracy 蛇鼠一窝", "black smoke and dirty air 污烟瘴气",“endless greed 贪得无厌”, "all swimming together in a filthy waters 同流合污”.

What started in 1999 on a 1.8 billion free trade zone project ballooned into a 12.5 billions scandal. If not because of the perseverance and determination of the Oppositions, and the change of political landscape after March 8 2008 general election, this scandal would have been easily covered up by the government.

Opposition stalwart Lim Kit Siang is one of the politicians pursuing this matter. To make sure we (the people) know how much is 12.5 billion, he posted this figure on his blog:

RM12.5 billion is not chicken-feed. It is equivalent to five RM2.5 billion BMF scandals.
RM12.5 billion can be used to build four Penang bridges,
25 universities at RM500 million each;

125 hospitals at RM100 million each;
1,250 schools at RM10 million each;
312,500 low-cost houses at RM40,000 each;
declare amnesty from collecting assessment for 13 years for Selangor state or 45 years for Penang state; or
give everyone of the 27 million Malaysians regardless of age a payout of RM338!

In fact it is like striking a RM1 Million price lottery each and every month non stop for the next 1,041 years!

Dammed to these corrupted politicians and government officials who took the public interest and monies as their political loots and ‘shared" among themselves like their own.

So what's next, dear PM Najib?

吧生港口自由贸易区丑闻的调查报告,是这个星期最令人注明的课题,而不是在今天投票的本南地州议席补选 (民联如众望所归获胜)。

报告显露了许多违规 ,滥权和合谋的地方。有几位政治人物,部长和商人被指名牵涉到这个丑闻。


这个自由贸易区的计划,原始于1999年,本来只需十八亿的费用来打造这个现代自由贸易区,并得到迪拜(Dubai) 投资公司入股的计划,后来因为发觉内部管理不当,黑暗重重而撤离,就导致这个贸易区的费用,膨胀到一百二十亿。



或者分送给整个马来西亚二千七百万人口,每人338 元。

其实这个数目,就好像每个月都中了一百万元的彩票,连续不断的 1041 年!



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