Monday, June 1, 2009

An apex shame 顶级羞耻

There are plenty stories of injustices, persecutions, malpractices to talk about daily, but I do not want my blog to be filled with postings of criticism of others and scandalous stories. But this incident really made me and many others mad.

In Malaysian Chinese families, children being accepted into local public universities is cause of celebration and thanksgiving. The Chinese, by government policy, are being offered not more than 30% of the places in our local university. The competition is intense. Many are being rejected, including top students. Many are being offered courses not their choices.

So you can imagine the joy of 4574 families afer receiving good news online on Friday 29-5-2009 from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang that their children were being accepted into this apex-status university! They had to reply their acceptance by Saturday.

However, it turned out to be the biggest "joke" of the century in our country, and most likely in the world too!

The apex-status university made an online blunder on Friday by uploading the names of 8173 shortlisted applicants who had met the minimum criteria after the first round selection, as successful applicants. In actual fact, only 3599 were accepted, and 4574 were unsuccessful!

The Universiti Sains Malaysia obtained apex-status in September last year, thus allowing it to select students directly.

The university realised the mistake only on Saturday afternoon and frantically made known the correct list through website, SMSs and phone calls. Poor students, today you had a place, tomorrow you didn't !

On Sunday morning, there were some 200 irate parents and students, travelling from all corners of the peninsular, arrived at the university in order to find out the true picture. They were told that... oooopsssshit... it was a technical mistake mistake...... you have no place!
Not being racial, but with a 30% quota, it was not surprise 90% were Chinese applicants!

The story has not ended but I would not go on further.

An apex-status university made an apex-status mistake .... a stupid mistake, a cruel mistake. Hopefully it doesn't give stupid excuses, low grade reasons!

The head of the university, and probably the minister in charge, should be sacked, not the clerks who handled the data, not any other scapegoat!

Disgraceful! shameful!

It is time to call out our Super Minister, aka KPI Minister, the back-door entry boy - Koh Tzu Koon... please give your evaluation and KPI on the Ministry of Higer Education... and the university.



所以,在 29-5-09 星期五,当4574 个家庭收到来自顶尖大学地位的槟城理科大学(USM) 的通知,他们的孩子被接纳进入该大学,那种喜悦,确是可想而知。


这所顶尖大学在星期五,错误的把第一轮筛选后,符合该大学基本条件的8173名学生的名字,全都上载到网上,列为被成功接受进入新学年的学生名单。其实,只有3599 名学生被入选,其余4574名是被拒绝的学生。



在星期天早上,大约有 200 位担忧及恼怒的家长和学生,早上八时,就从半岛各地,来到该大学,查个究竟。但也只被告知 。。。。哦哦哦。。确是错误。。。技术出错。。。电脑问题。。。。你没有被录取。。

我不是带种族颜色,但只有三十巴仙的固打,理所当然的90 巴仙是华族学生啦。




丢脸 !羞耻 !

是时候把我们的超人部长,也被称为KPI 效率指数部长,走后门的那位郭子根出场的时候了!他应该马上就给高教部长,还有该顶尖大学,来个评估,给予一个指数吧。


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A new degree has been conferred by USM

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