Friday, May 22, 2009

Lost control 失控

It was disgusting to read the news that The Ampang police today obtained a two-day remand order against the 16 people arrested last night for allegedly holding a candle light vigil outside the DAP's Teratai service centre to mark the "killing of democracy by the illegal government in Perak." . Among the 16 were Janice Lee (above), the State Assembly woman of Teratai.

This was the second arrest of Janice Lee. On 19th May, she also participated in a candle light vigil at Siputih constituency service center at Entrepreneur Park. She was arrested by Police together with Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching.

And I just got the news that Triang Police has called in Fr. Jean Claude, the administrator of St. John Chapel for an "interview" today at 2:30 pm. regarding the 4:00pm Mass at the Chapel on Sunday, 17/5/09. There were many yellow T-shirt parishioners attended the Mass.

It seems that under the new 1 Malaysia concept by Najib, you cannot wear black T-shirt during day time, no candle light during night time, no same color clothing allowed to attend Mass... color synonymous with terror? or we are living in a nation of terror and intimidation?!?

Is the Police out of control ?!?! #%&%**@%% !




是不是我们的警察部队已经失控了?! #%&%**@%% !

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