Friday, May 22, 2009

After death 身后事

Thursday evening at 7:30 pm, my wife and I attended a forum organised by SinChew Daily entitled:"No holds barred - after death".

The invited guest speakers were (pic below from right): Sr. Theresa Chew, Rev. Jue Cheng, Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Center, Dr. Goh from Hospice Malaysia and Jeff Chancellor, a Dead-care professional from Canada.

星期四晚上七点半,我和太太到星洲日报总社礼堂出席该报主办的 『百无禁忌谈身后事』讲座会。


This was not only a forum on the after-death care, it was also a inter-religious exchange. Although only speakers from Buddhism and Catholic faith, but it was good enough to enlighten the estimated 800 audience and promote better understanding of Buddhist, Catholic and Chinese funeral practices and traditions.

Dr. Goh shared on her personal experiences in caring for the terminal patients while Jeff shared on his dead-care services in Canada.

这不只是一个专题“身后事”的讲座,也是宗教交流的分享。虽然邀请嘉宾只有来自佛教的法师及天主教修女,但也足够使到现场约八百位观众,对佛教,天主教及华人的殡葬习俗 、礼仪及传统,有更深入的认识。



溪水信女 said...

Dear Uncle Simon,
Wow! Everythign recorded!! hopefully no wrong teaching, your blog and video serve as evidence!
Thank you for so quick to capture the experience!May God be praised, especially those who heard about catholic church for the first time!God bless, there may be another forum...may be smaller towns...

Simon Phun said...

Well done. May you be the worthy ambassador of good will in promoting inter-religious dialogue and cultural understanding.