Sunday, May 24, 2009

The interview 面谈

The following has been posted by Charles Hector on his blog regarding the latest development of the "interview" of Rev. Fr. Jean Claude with the Police on Friday 22-5-09.


UPDATE: Well, Fr Jean Claude met with a courteous police officer (he thinks it may be Special Branch), and they were asking him 'funny things' - i.e. about his personal background. They also asked him whether he had a criminal record. They wanted to know about the one who talked about 'Freedom of Religion"**, and whether there was any 'political content' -anti-UMNO ...anti-MCA content. [I am sure that the police was present, and they know exactly what was spoken by me]. He said again the police officer did give the impression that they had to do this because the instructions came from the 'top'.

Looking at the questions, I verily believe that it just pure intimidation. Scare them...and make them stop their struggle to save the chapel of St John's.

约翰克拉神父会见了一位彬彬有礼的警官(他相信是属于政治部的。他被问到一些“莫名其妙”的问题: 例如关于他个人的背景。。。有没有犯罪记录。。. 他们想要知道那位谈到“宗教自由”的演讲者**,有没有政治企图 - 如反巫统 。。。 反马华。。。(我很肯定当时有警方人员在场,知道我所说的一切)。他得到的印象是,这些警官是受上级指示才要采取这样的行动(约谈)。

照他们所问到的问题,我相信其目的纯粹是恐吓 。。。吓吓你们 。。。不要搞这么多东西 - 保堂行动。

** Charles gave a short talk ( He is from Temeloh)
**查尔斯曾在当天谈到宗教自由 (他来自淡马鲁)

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