Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The signs of time 世风日下

A news reported Chinese newspapers but not in the main stream English papers.

A 27-year old lady lecturer was driving alone from Penang to Kuala Lumpur on the North-South Highway on Friday 22-5-2009. Her car was banged at the back by another car when reaching Tanjong Malim. It was about 8:20 pm.

She stopped at the back of a stationary oil tanker and got out to investigate the damage. Four men also came out from the other car.

While talking to the men, the oil tanker moved out. The lecturer realised she was alone with four men at the middle of no where ...in darkness... She sensed danger and wanted to get back to her car.

It was too late ...the men grabbed her and snatched her gold chain and hand phone. Another man jumped into her car and drove off with her handbag inside.

She considered herself lucky not sustaining any physical injury.

A lone lady ... in darkness... standing at the emergency lane of the highway.... waving at passing cars for help! It was very scary indeed.

With the high crime rate, daily carjacks and robberies ....would you stop your car at the highway at night for a lone girl ...waving and jumping ? may be five men would jump out of darkness to rob you the moment you stop your car !

So for a long time, no one stopped for her.

God knows for how long, finally a lorry stopped. She related her story and requested the driver to send her to the nearest police station.

But the lorry did not exit at the next toll plaza. She sensed something amiss. She demanded the driver to stop the lorry for her to get down. Instead, the driver showed his ugly face by attempting to pull off her clothing..

A struggle went on. She has to save herself... somehow, she managed to jump out of the lorry and landed safely on the road again... waving for help again....

Finally, as reported, a genuine kind Samaritan picked her and sent her to the police station...

She was lucky to be alive and safe from the fangs of robbers and rapist !

This is the signs of times in our country.


一位27岁的女讲师,在22-5-09 星期五,独自驾车,使用南北大道,从槟城回去吉隆坡。在靠近丹绒马林的时候,一辆尾随的车突然碰撞她的车尾部。她把车驶到紧急停车道,停在一辆油槽车的后面,下来察看损坏。在此同时,对方也把车停下,里面走出四个男人。





以目前我国的保安情况,每天有无数的劫车 、打抢到事件发生,可说是草木皆兵,谁敢贸贸然的在晚上,看到一个单身女人在大道旁手脚摇摆的,你敢停下来吗?要不然,你停下车之后,女孩后面突然跳出几名大汉,把你洗劫一空。。。!

所以过了好久 、好久都没有车停下来。






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