Thursday, May 7, 2009

A mess 一塌糊涂

Why the mess in Perak?
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An except from N.H.Chin's interview(Malaysiainsider):

Q: Why do you think the people are angry?

问: 为什么人们这样的生气?

A(NH Chin)答:

Do you know why the Perakians were up in uproar against the Sultan of Perak?


It's because, as any lawyer will tell you, especially as he was Lord President before, that before you make a decision, you cannot see the parties. If you want to meet any of the parties, both of them must be present. You never do so by seeing one and then making a decision. The moment you do that, to the losing side or to any observer will think you have been influenced. So it's the impression that counts.

They were angry with the Sultan because they can sense it in their bones that it is wrong to make a decision to see the other side first.



Q: Is the Sultan morally wrong or legally wrong?


A: If the Sultan had executive powers to rule, it is legally wrong, so they could apply for judicial review of the Sultan's decision. But I pointed out in my first article he has no executive power to rule because he is not an executive monarch, he is a constitutional monarch. What he did was morally wrong.


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