Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love and fidelity 有情有义

Part 1.

It was a weekend of "departure", "arrival"; "love", "fidelity".

This morning, my wife and I "departed" from our house at 10:00 am for Christ the Light Chapel at Kepong to attend the Thanksgiving Mass of the Golden wedding Anniversary of Michael and Mary On.

We "arrived" at destination at about 10:50 am.

The Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Charles "Botak" Chin. He was overjoyed for being able to be with this couple who have been married for half a century. He was happy also to be the witness of the renewal of their marriage vows.

He said when a young couple getting married, they are filled with joy. He called this a joy of "departure". The couple is departing on a journey as husband and wife, full of dreams and excitements of a wonderful life together.

But today, as Michael and Mary has been married for 50 years, they are filled with joy too. This is the joy of "arrival". They have been partner for the past 50 years, went through the thick and thin of life. Today they have arrived at a milestone... an achievement of being married for half a centuary.

This is a life of love, fidelity, loyalty to each other.

May God continue to bless them and family many happy and joyful years ahead.

We "departed" for home after lunch fellowship. (part 2 at bottom)

一个[启程] 、[抵达] ;[] 和 [] 的周末。




他说一对年轻夫妇结婚时,也是充满喜乐,这是[启程] 的喜乐,他们开始了新的共同婚姻生活,充满希望和憧憬。

而今天这对结婚五十年的夫妇,也是充满了喜乐。但他们的喜乐是 [抵达] 的喜乐,因为他们已经到达了一个里程碑 - 五十年的婚姻生活,一个很大的成就。

这也是他们夫妇的情 、义的生活故事。夫妻相亲相爱,忠诚 ,陪伴 ,互相接纳,共同走了人生的五十年。







所以,这是一个充满情和义的集会。陈教授的喜乐,该是如陈神父说的 [] 的喜乐,因为九十多高龄,是人生美满的时候,能够和一些好友 、学生共庆生日,人生难得也。

Part 2.

At 5:00 pm, I have to "depart" for PJ to attend another celebration.

David Chia is hosting a dinner to celebrate 92nd birthday of Professor Emeritus Tan.

David is a kind and generous man, a loyal and compassionate friend. He will travel to Melaka every year to bring Professor Emeritus to KL to celebrate his birthday with some old friends.

Professor Lao from Hong Kong University is also a loyal student of Professor Emeritus. He comes to KL, sometimes with wife, to be with his former teacher on his birthday. He has been doing so for the past 15 years.

Professor Emeritus was very happy to be surrounded by his student and friends on his birthday. His was the joy of "arrival".

From left seated: Professor Lao, Prof Emiratus, David Chia and his wife Elsie.

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