Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking a break 歇一歇

My wife has no opportunity to ask me:"where do you get the lipstick on your shirt?". Most probably never will.

But she has plenty of opportunities asking me:" Where do you get the fruits?" " who gives you Bak Chang?", “Who gives you Rambutan?"

Today she asked me:" where do you get the plastic bags?". She was referring to the two empty plastic bags I put at the kitchen table (to be used as garbage bag).

I said:" I bought sandals and shoes today!".

"wah! so free to go shopping?"

It was not " so free", it was "taking a break".

I was on my way back to office using Kesas Highway after seeing a customer in Shah Alam this afternoon. I decided to make a detour to Summit, Subang Jaya to look for new pairs of sandals and shoes.

My old faithful pair of sandals had been with me for the past seven or eight years. They had "walked" with me to many countries and places.

I need to change shoes because of my "deformed" legs.

At the shopping mall, I decided to have a coffee break: a Subway sandwich and coffee.

Ordering a sandwich could be quite a demanding task. First I have to decide what type of filling in the sandwich - tuna? turkey? chicken? beef?seafood? or combinations?

Then what type of bread I wanted- Italian? wholemeal? Turkish? (4 types). Then the length - six inches or a foot long? Next was the toppings - more than ten types to choose from (Tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, lettuce, olives.......). Finally, what sauce(dressing)?

It was good to slow down once in a while ... for a break.


但她却可以常常的问到:“你的水果在那里买的?” “谁给你的粽子?” “这些红毛丹那里来的?”

今天,她就问我:“这塑胶袋那里来的?”。 她指的是我放在厨房桌上的两个空塑胶袋 (可以装垃圾用)。




今天下午,我在沙亚南回见了顾客后,取道Kesas 高速公路会办公室,途中决定转入梳邦再也一间购物中心去看看是否有适合的拖鞋和皮鞋。

我目前的旧拖鞋,已有七 、八年了,它陪我“走”了好多地方及国家。



叫一份三文治,也的费点功夫。首先要决定那一种三文治 - 吐纳鱼?火鸡?鸡肉?牛肉?海鲜?或混合?接下来是要用什么面包 - 意大利?全麦?(四种选择)。

然后是长度 -六寸的还是一尺?接下来,要什么配料?整十多种来选 。。。生菜,番茄,橄榄,酸瓜。。。? 最后,要用什么酱料?



queen_of_bee said...

really have to plan in advance before ordering at Subway. or else, will be very kan cheong when it's my turn. they seems a bit impatient waiting for my answers what to put in my sandwich.

oh, nice sandals!

Simon Phun said...

haha your majesty... so you are a Subway fan! next time I have Subway attack, can count on you!

queen_of_bee said...

no problem! subway, o'brien also can!

Anthony said...


Ngu said...

看了你脚上的 sandal, 似曾相识,原来我的 sandal 和你的相似,这种凉鞋穿或脱都很方便,而且很凉爽。志贤兄的提议你要好好考虑考虑。

Simon Phun said...



Pauline said...

You see, my uncle Simon went to enjoy a Subway sandwich on his own. He surely needs a break. I also need a break.

queen_of_bee said...

uncle simon, next round must remember to bring your darling Pauline along. then can order 1 foot long and share :)

Jonathan said...

Mum, you can come to KK to take a break. On the condition that you chauffeur me around time and prepare my meals! x

Adeline said...

wow.. I'm so proud that dad did managed to figure out the type of sandwich he wanted from Subway. very confusing. mom, you can relax in my apartment if you want a break! hahahaha :)

Simon Phun said...

that's why I need to go it alone to "upgrade" and "update" myself!