Monday, May 4, 2009

A priest is sick 神父病了(2)

After lunch at Sg. Buluh, I went to Kelang to visit Fr. Anthony Chan.

I arrived at Fr's house at St. Theresa Church at about 4:00 pm. He was still resting. Vincent and Daniel Kooi (father of Rev. Fr. Andrew Kooi) were "on duty" there.

I was told that a 24-hour roster has been arranged so that there are people (group) to be with Father Chan all the time. Mrs Lee will still be there during day time. Their kindness and love are really touching!

I did not wish to disturb Father, so I just peeped through the door and saw him resting peacefully on bed.

He is still receiving radiotherapy, and celebrates Mass in the morning too.

May God bless him peace and strength.







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