Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The WAR 步行吃喝 ( 2 )

A convenient way to explore Guangzhou was to join a local one-day tour. It covered most of the famous landmarks and scenery of the city.

We joined the day tour on our second day in Guangzhou.

 It brought us to the following places:

1. Baiyun hill. It is only about 300 meters above sea level and covers 28 hectors of forested land. It is the green lung of the city, a popular place for the city dwellers especially during weekends and holidays.

2. Huang Pu Military School. A first military cadet school of China co-founded by Sun Yet sun, Chiang Kai Sek. It is the equivalent of West Point of the US.

3. Yuexiu Park to see the symbol of Guangzhou city -  the five-goat monument. Guangzhou is also know as Goat City.

4. Museum of Mausoleum of Nanyue King zhao Wei  -  An ancient tomb of Nanyue Dynasty (Year 137- 122 BC)was discovered and a museum was built around the archeological site.   About 2000 pcs of exhibits were on display. Visitors are allowed to take photograph inside the museum.

5. Chen Ancestral Hall. Built in 1888, it showcased beautiful architectural design, wood carvings, stone carvings, ceramic sculpture, paintings ... 

6. Canton tower - nickname The Sexy Waist。

It cost RMB 188.00 (RM 100 ) inclusive of lunch, cable car, entrance fees ... It was really worth it !!!

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1. 白云山。这座市区内的绿肺,占地大约28公顷,海拔大约三百米而已。它是广州人周末及假期的好去处。

2. 黄埔军校。它是中国第一所军校,由孙中山,蒋介石等创办,深具历史性,它的地位犹如美国著名的“西点军校”。

3. 越秀公园里的五羊雕像。这是广州的地标,游客必到。

4. 西汉南越王博物馆。1983年,考古学家在这里发掘了公元前137-122年,南越王第二代国王赵眜之墓陵。博物馆就在原地建造。我们可以观赏到出土的千多件展示品。


5. 陈氏书院。 这座建于1888年的陈氏祠堂,建造风格美轮美奂,我们可以观赏到石雕,木雕,陶艺等艺术。

6. 广州通迅塔,也昵称为“小蛮腰”。


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Our sumptuous dinner 我们丰富的晚餐

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