Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Germany 人在德国

We left Glasgow for Berlin in a 8:55 morning flight.

After almost 20 years of yearning, persistent prompting and invitation of my wife’s old colleagues, finally at about 12:00 noon today, I set foot on Berlin, Germany, the historic city that played an important role in shaping the world.

Dorit and Gerd Wendlant were at the airport to welcome us. They were frequent visitors to Malaysia. ( see also German visitors)

From 9 degree cold and rainy weather in Aberdeen, it was a sign of relief to bask in the warm sun of Berlin ( temp 19 degree).

Dorit and Gerd brought us to their cozy and beautifully decorated apartment and treated us my favourite food – German sausages, goose liver with bread.

Later, they brought us to see the historical Check Point Bravo and the original Berlin wall slabs.

Mr. & Mrs Paeger from another city, also came to meet us.

In the evening, we were treated with special asparagus dinner. ( Now is the asparagus season )

It was an exciting first day in Germany.

(see more pics in Facebook)

我们乘搭早上8:55 的班级,离开格拉斯哥,飞往德国的柏林。


Dorit & Gerd Wendlant 夫妇在机场热情的迎接我们。(也参看德国访客


Wendlant 夫妇把我们带到他们非常舒服的家里,招待了我们标准的德国美食 – 德国香肠,鹅肝酱及德国面包。

过后,他们带领我们参观了冷战时期,东德共产党政府设立的『Bravo 关口检查站』及柏林围墙的原来石板。

住在另一个城市的Paeger 夫妇,在傍晚较后时间,也到来与我们相会。



(Facebook 更多照片)

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