Thursday, June 21, 2012

A day in Potsdam 坡斯坦的一天

I am a country pumpkin going out to the city.

Everything is new to me especially in Germany. Mr. Gerd Wendlant is driving a car equipped with new technology... one of them is the cutting off of engine while waiting at the traffic light.

He is driving a diesel Volvo, comfortable and spacious. If the waiting at the traffic light is too long, the engine can be cut out ( off ) while other accessories are still running. When traffic light turns green, at an instant, the engine is turn on again go.... (my daughter was telling me about this new technology in UK and I experienced it in Germany).

On the second day, our gracious host ( The Wendlants) prepared a sumptuous German breakfast for us. I loved it and it was the best German breakfast ( western) I ever had. (see pictures to appreciate)

After breakfast, our Top Guide (Gerd) led us to a day tour of famous historical sit es and beautiful palace in Potsdam, a city of national and international notability. One of them is the Potsdam Conference 1945 of Stalin, Truman and Churchill to decide the fate of Eastern Europe.

Places visited:

1. The Glienicke brigde, better known as The Spy Bridge where the Soviet block exchanged spies with the Allied especially the American during the Cold War period.

2. The world famous, UNESCO World Heritage San Sanssouci Park where powerful Frederick dynasty built their palaces.

It was a cloudy and drizzling the whole day but it didn't dampened our happy spirit.

We capped an exciting day with a home-cooked Chinese dinner !

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1. 著名的『间谍桥』。这是在共产东德的时候,苏联盟国与欧美盟国交换间谍的地点。





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