Friday, June 22, 2012

Berlin 柏林

Today we learned a lot about the history of Germany through tour guide and our learned host Mr. Gerd Wendlandt.

China is a country with thousands years of history and recorded many great events of war and peace. However, these events only had impacted internally and rarely the world outside.

Germany has a much shorter history, but many events happened in the country had great impac and influence internally and internationally.

We visited many locations and building, by bus and foot, where great historical events taken place, and their effect rippled throughout the world.

Berlin is a beautiful city with broad tree-lined roads and history in every inch of soil.

21-6-2012 I was in Berlin, a moment of history of my life ..... It was a great day.

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21-6-2012,我人在柏林,人生的历史一刻 。。。今天是非常棒的一天。


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