Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Dresden 人在Dresden

At Lubanau

We left Berlin for Dresden, en route, we stopped over at a small town Lubenau, famous for pickled cumcumber (?!) and have great fun in river cruise.

We arrived at Dresden, a beautiful city, on 22/6/2012 evening. Great weather - sunny and cool.

We watched Euro 2012 after dinner and saw Germany beat Greece 4-1 .

More later when free...... :D

今天我们离开柏林,到Dresden去游玩。路上停留在一个小镇Lubenau 游玩 (腌黄瓜出名!?)。


晚餐后,我们观看了欧盟杯足球赛,德国4-2 战胜希腊。


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