Sunday, June 24, 2012

Story of a small town 小城的故事


The weather was great when we arrived at Lubbenau, a small town famous for pickled cucumber (Kurgen) and Spreewald – a thousand kilometers of waterway (canal) covering forested islands and lowland.

We boarded a man-powered boat for a 3-hour round trip along designated section of waterway. Cool breeze, blue sky, fresh air, quiet atmosphere, it was a great ride and a wonderful experience.

On the same day, an international dance festival was held in the town, we saw participants from many countries in colourful costume taking the boat ride too.

We continued our journey to Dresden after tea.

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Lubbenau 是一个小镇,以腌黄瓜及Spreewald(德语)著名。天气非常良好,蓝天一片,气候凉爽。

Spreewald 是一个拥有整千公里小运河(水道)的森林地区,有着很多的小岛。




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