Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pilgrimage ( 1 )朝圣之旅

七月26 日,我参加了一个非常特别的朝圣之旅,到槟城大山脚圣妇亚娜(St. Anne's Church) 朝圣。





这也是我第一次到圣妇亚纳堂朝圣。我本身对朝圣的态度可能与他人不同。还没朝圣,就有了“朝圣疲劳” 。。。对朝圣听得及见得太多(听过很多美丽的朝圣地方及故事,也见过很多“朝”过的“圣人”),所以有一种“不圣的唏嘘”(此文曾刊载于《爱之光》)。

这次我应该是因着“朝声”而前往圣妇亚纳堂作一个朝圣之旅。 不过,我告诉自己,无论结果如何,圣或不圣,这趟行程必定是与众不同,也必定有所收获。


这台弥撒是由罗马梵蒂冈宗座驻 马来西亚大使若瑟马力诺总主教主祭,古晋夏总主教,槟城主教及多位神父共祭。弥撒过后有圣妇安纳塑像游行。




( Youtube 录影)

On July 26, I embarked on an unique pilgrimage to St. Anne's Church in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

I joined a group of Iban pilgrimes from Kanowit, Sarawak led by Fr. Mathews Olili and lay leader Catechist Edmund Kalai.

Fr. Mathews is a Mill Hill Missionaries priest from Kenya. He was sent to Sibu Diocese immediately upon ordination slightly more than 2 years ago. He was recently being transferred from St. Francis Xavier's church in Kanowit to St. Charles's church in Selagau.

This brave young missionary has to overcome cultural shock and language barrier soonest possible in order to discharge his pastoral missions. Within a short period of 2 years, he has mastered the Iban language and some Mandarin.

This was my first time such close contact with fellow Iban Catholics and more uniquely, an African priest from Kenya. A rare opportunity and blessed encounter for me!

This was also my first pilgrimage to St. Anne Church honouring St. Anne, the mother of Blessed Virgin Mary on its feast day.I saw waves of big crowd thronging the grounds throughout the evening and night.

I witnessed their fervent devotion, piety and acts of Faith towards St. Anne, leading them to God through Sacraments of reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. 

We attended the feast day 8:00 pm Mass on Saturday, July 28. The Mass was celebrated by Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Jeseph Marino, co-celebrated by Archbishop John Ha of Kuching, Sebestian Francis, Bishop of Penang, and many other priests.

Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister of Penang was also present at the Eucharistic celebration. However, he left before the Holy Communion.

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