Friday, September 23, 2011

Left turn, right turn 向左转,向右转

Left turn, right turn!

Tangkak is no longer a place for my return visit.

I was attracted by Tangkak beef noodle ... but no longer so. The beef noodle has changed from big bowl to smaller bowl; full bowl of tasty soup has been reduced to half bowl; junky beef meat has been chopped to small cube, like the Rubik's cubes... the beef noodle there attracts me no more, and I do not see the need to be at Tangkak. (See old post)

But the Holy Spirit has called on me today:"go to Tangkak...".

Has the Spirit found a new beef noodle stall that serves original Tangkak beef noddle?!?

No. The normal stall that I went was on the right, whereas the Spirit called me today to turn left!

At about 11:15 am this morning (Friday 23/09/2011), my wife and I arrived at the traffic junction in the middle of Tangkak Town. I did not turn right as usual to the Tangkak beef noodle stall ... instead, following the prompting of the Spirit , I turned left....

After traveling for about half a kilometer, I reached my destination on right : The Church of St. Matthew, Tangkak.

There a kind looking elder and a bearded man (not St.Matthew, but a learned man)were waiting for me!

This was my first ever one-to-one encounter with the elder, and first time with the bearded man after a 3-year absence.

Yes, I was there to meet up with the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. John Yu and the immediate past Superior-General of CDD, Rev. Fr. Stephen Ng.

The Spirit works in a mysterious way ... never mind why I was at the St. Matthew's Church, and why Fr. Stephen was there too... What was important : The Name of the Lord has been manifested ... Alleluia!!

Fr. Stephen has completed his terms as the Superior-General of CDD last year and returned to Malaysia from Taiwan about 5 months ago. Currently he is on Sabbatical leave and residing at the CDD House in Pulau Gadung, Melaka.

Shedding fair skin of northern hemisphere, he is now tanned and radiant, looks younger and rejuvenated by the tropical sun. And this is the familiar Fr. Stephen I used to know!!

He was here on the invitation of Fr. Yu to celebrate the Feast of St. Matthew, patron saint of the parish.

I was honored and blessed to meet Fr. Yu, a respected and well-loved senior priest in the Johor-Melaka Diocese. I had the opportunity to lunch with him and acquaint him through his sharing, thus deepened my respect and admiration of this loyal servant of Christ.

I was impressed by his agility, and moving up steps with ease. I asked him what was his secret of health.

Besides sharing his daily regimented healthy life style, he presented me a few words of wisdom:

1. Rise early daily,
2. Exercise daily,
3. Eat moderately and
4. Don't worry

Fr. Yu rises everyday around 5:00 am and follows by exercise. He has formulated his own exercise routine and doing them without fail for more than 50 years.

He serves the Lord with joy and peace in his heart. He is one of the very few priests who conduct Catechism classes for young children. He reckoned the initiation of religious instructions to young children (pre-Communion) is a an important phase and foundation of faith education.

He also shared on the touching faith journey of his own father. And because of his father, he became priest.

Fr. Yu came from a staunch Buddhist family in the North-Eastern province of Jilin in China. He vividly recalled his experiences of chanting Buddhist prayers during his childhood days. His father converted secretly to Catholicism without the knowledge of his parents and family. He faith was tested severely, just like Job in the old testament. He courageously persevered, his faith stood firm and solid. God blessed him, God rewarded him later .... And he managed to pursue his auntie to enter a religious order, and sent 0his son (Fr. Yu) to the seminary!

I was not able to detail his sharing but hope that his story of faithfulness and courage, services to the people of God would be broadly publicised, as a great example to younger generation, to promote priestly and religious vocation.

Fr. Yu later brought us to view the newly open church (open on 9-10-2011) and its facilities.

It is a spacious, practical and comfortable church. There are classrooms, meeting rooms, a small library and a hall. It is very suitable for organising youth activities.

The church is situated at the center of town, with peaceful and quiet surroundings.

With a joyful heart but reluctantly, we bid goodbye to Fr. Yu and Fr. Stephen at about 2:00 pm, and continued our journey to .... Johor Baru!

I shall return !

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我去东甲,是因为那里的牛肉面吸引了我 。。。。但现在不然了。那里的牛肉面,从大腕变小碗;满碗的热汤,减成了半碗;大块的牛肉,切成了小方块, 好像鲁比魔方块般。。。。那里的牛肉麵,不再吸引我了,我也没有需要在东甲停留。(看旧帖子)






那里,一位慈祥的长者,和一为留着长胡子的。。。看起来好像是位高人 (不是圣玛窦)。。。在那里等着我了。





黄神父目前是在马六甲浮罗加东主徒会修院,进行灵修Sabbatical (不知中文的翻译为何?)。他是受本堂余神父之邀,到来共庆圣玛窦主保节。












怀着愉快及不舍的心情,我们在下午二时左右,告别了俞神父和黄神父,继续我们的路程 - 往新山去。


余神父说:“我爸爸非常尊重当时的本堂神父,赞赏No. 1的表样, 所以要把我送进修院,当好像他一样No. 1 的神父 "
Fr. Yu said:" My father sent me to seminary to become No 1 good priest like the then parish priest"

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