Thursday, July 7, 2011

First thing first 先做先的

When I declared my retirement, my old friend Anthony Wong of Brunei sent out his invitation to me immediately to visit him and other friends in Brunei.

As he said:"when one retires, first thing is to visit old friends..."

Alas, Brunei is not my first destination .... it is Johor Baru.

Today my wife and I went down to Johor Baru to visit my parents in law. We have not been to Johor Baru for quite awhile. They have come up to visit us quite often.

Enroute we stopped over at Tangkak for a bowl of famous Tangkak beef noddles. The last time were here was more than a year ago.

It was a disappointment ... it was not as good as before .... bowl got smaller, tasted a bit flat (many stalls in KL tasted better) ...... however, the price was OK - RM5.00 for regular, RM6.00 for large.

No more detour to Tangkak for the now not so good "famous Tangkak beef noodles" !






我们很失望。这牛肉麵和以前不同了。。。。碗小了,味道平平 (吉隆坡很多牛肉麵更甜美)。。。不过价钱还算可以,普通一碗马币五元,大腕六元。

不会再有绕道来享用现在不那么好吃 的出名东甲牛肉麵。

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